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About Me

Thank you for visiting my website and understanding about the numerous ways I may be able to assist you within event hosting and so much more. 

I hope this extra ‘About’ section will give you a little more understanding too!

I am an experienced TV and Radio Presenter. Live event presenting, awards and charity dinners, corporate celebrations, launches, openings, and an Emcee / MC of all sorts of areas that need a professional host that you may never have thought needed one up until now.

I have worked in the city of Birmingham for many years, in fact almost 30. Having a huge background in hospitality I have been involved in the development of many successful brands, including some that were previously my own. Taking this into account I have built up a respectable reputation and am regularly called upon for many different projects. Presenting is my passion; Radio, TV, City Events, Corporate or Online projects and being able to help clients and visitors engage with the event or show in-hand is paramount to me. I have received recognition from the Lord Mayors Parlour for ‘20 Years’ Service to The City’ and am hugely proud of many other awards and accolades too!


Taking the above into account I am really known for two areas of success and if I were to put it into a 60 second pitch, it would be this:

"Image is everything and that includes you as you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Coca Cola, MacDonalds and Apple are all key recognised brands, why? Because their product, image and consistency is key. 

People often fear PR companies as they don’t quite understand what they do or value their worth. However, have you ever been to an event or seen a campaign that just lacked excitement, felt cheap and failed to deliver? I have, more than once sadly!

I am Phil Oldershaw from PR Angels; specialising in public relations, brand development and consultancy.

My aim is to understand your vision, goals and needs of your company, or event, and what your desired successful result looks like to you and your team?

Having worked with companies that include: Birmingham City Council, HSBC, Diesel Clothing, numerous Business Improvement Districts and endless hospitality companies, I bring decades of experience, creative flair and unfaltering passion to radiate your brand like the star it should be!

I am also an experienced TV, live events and awards dinner presenter with bags of energy, knowledge and a professional understanding of engagement. 

I would appreciate your help or would love to speak to anybody, who can assist me in gaining contacts and clients that may require support in the above areas or more".

This website is about my live event work and presenting skill’s but I wanted to point out the array of other experience I have that may bring extra value to you and your brand or event.

In 1996 Bill Gavan and I came up with the idea of Birmingham Pride, in 1997 I co-launched Birmingham Pride, a community event for the city that attracted in excess of 12,000 in its first year alone and peaked in later years with 100,000 people under our involvement. It is still going strong to this very day and has enriched millions of lives over the years.

I love people and helping to develop brands and those within. I am a brand strategist, mainly within hospitality, and have helped some companies increase profits in excess of £2 million. I have worked with some of the biggest names in showbiz and also some great businesses too. Either, or, it’s all about ‘energy’. The energy we put into making something a success and the energy we put into communication and the relationships that we build with others.

I hope that we can share some energy and you can see just how much I can bring to you and your team.

Many thanks.

Phil Oldershaw

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