Acorns Children’s Hospice, Black Country Museum – Fire-walk! - 12th March 2020!

After a couple of months of mental preparation, and fundraising, it was finally time to walk over burning coals in the name of charity! Thank you to Professor Paul Cadman, who had carefully chosen 100 business entrepreneurs, and known networkers, of the city to take part in this fundraiser; while also helping to raise the profile, and cause, of Acorns Children’s Hospital. I arrived, met like-minded friends of Birmingham, drank hot chocolate, shared stories, watched some entertainment, listened to the safety talk (a comedy delivery but serious too) and then headed, via vintage bus, down to the old Victorian streets of the Black Country museum. Even though it was dark, I had actually forgotten how lovely this place was in all its glory, like time had stood still for decades. We walked around by the metalwork and furnaces section, and got barefooted, onto a dark coaled damp floor in the dark evening sky, that was flooded by moonlight. We were also surrounded by press and a crowd of 200-300 people, cameras flashing constantly, as we all raised our energies, engaged and then took our turn and walked the path of glowing heat. 

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who sponsored me, sent messages, love and support as I walked on fire 🔥🔥🚶 for Acorns Children's Hospice, Night at the Museum & Fire-walk.
Personally, you helped me raise £1000!!!

30,000 people seen the Facebook live, on the night of Thursday 12th March 2020 on Birmingham Updates page.

100 Fire Walkers and 250 Spectators. £42,000 was raised from the event  and donations are still coming in 🎉🎉🎉
Life is about the difference we can make for ourselves, and others!

Together we can do anything 🙌💜
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