I have always classed myself as a bit of an action hero and never really been afraid to get stuck in and try something new! At an early age I was climbing trees, performing on a BMX, going out in the speedboat, waterskiing or racing around enjoying some motocross fun in the local fields. That hasn’t really changed in later years as adrenalin sports get my motor running. Karting excites my passion, beautiful cars titillate my masculinity, skiing let’s the wind race through your hair, adventure broadens the mind and I love to deep-sea dive whenever I get chance. After getting my Advanced PADI I have dived in some stunning locations around the world… and I love it! There’s a whole new world down there that simply has to be experienced.

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Having a love of cars, it is easy to understand why my earlier years found me working with Rover Group and Vauxhall before indulging in the sale of high-end motors such as Range Rover, Porsche and BMW to name but few. Thanks to Rover group I received training that was ahead of it’s time, some may say brainwashing, as it was so specialised but did ensure that my future enabled me to confidently and competently interact with the general public on every level, analyzing; words, mind, body, eyes and emotion. Later years saw me entering the world of hospitality, the door that opened up an array of opportunity and access to so much more. This involved and evolved my vast amount of knowledge in People, Food & Drink, Event Management, PR & Media, Bars & Clubs, Celebrities, Music, Politics and an endless list of skillsets, experiences and memories too! 

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Upon finding my feet in hospitality I found two new loves. Firstly, I realized that I really enjoyed success, especially within hospitality. It was easy, all you had to do was understand what people wanted and deliver more than they would ever expect. Going above and beyond, giving an entertainment experience that would certainly be remembered for all the right reasons, this included ambience, quality products and a respectful over the top customer service attitude. That is my calling card to this very day. It appeared that my ability to develop teams and an ambience that loved the guest became something that legends are made of. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Secondly, I fell in love with the Stage & Screen, which enabled me to share moments with masses of people all at once.

I found my live creative style allowed me to passionately interact with guests giving such an energy that infused excitement, happiness and a longing for more. This reactive energy I experienced is like a drug and I have never not loved the feeling of ecstasy it supplies on every shoot or live event. Everybody is different and the ability to share moments with people is fulfilling. I have been most fortunate to work with many amazing names over the years, this includes endless celebrities, politicians and branded companies too. This also means that I have now become friends with many people over the years and have found that my social life and interactions can be both incredibly random, and beautifully surprising, from week to week. My website contains some of the photos taken in time, whether working together, socializing or both. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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To date I feel that my life has been most fortunate and destiny has given me endless amounts of opportunity, much of which I have seized. Over the last 25 years I have been involved in different areas of Presenting, Media, Hospitality, PR, Entertainment, Training and Brand Development roles that have brought masses of experience and contacts within these areas and more. As a natural entrepreneur I can inspire, motivate and lead a team consistently, therefore ensuring exceptional results while delivering a fantastic customer experience time and time again. I have a genuine ability to entertain people and foresee needs ensuring that customers are attracted, engaged and retention is guaranteed. I am always keen to further myself, a team or a even client and will always stretch boundaries, having no limits when reaching for further success, believing that the only limitations are those that are controlled by budgets.

I will strive to exceed expectations of what a budget can buy. I enjoy being passionately motivated to ensure both personal and business success while using my creativity and flair to deliver the very best results is always apparent. I will invest energy to put people at ease and deliver warmth, emotion and clarity, which will radiate within a business, an event or in company. During the development of two businesses ‘Investor In People’ accreditation has been achieved. I have an array of accolades and accreditations to my name but am particularly proud of developing my own multi award-winning restaurant and bar that was based on my love of New York, a city that captured my heart upon my first visit. I later sold that bar. The hugely successful Birmingham Pride event that I cofounded in 1997, and developed for 13 years, also stands proud. This event not only worked as a functional marketing tool for businesses and the city but also attracted around 100,000 people each year and generated an estimated £14 million for the local economy in that weekend alone. In 2013, I, Phil Oldershaw received a recognition award from the Lord Mayors Parlor of Birmingham for ‘Services to the City’ as gratitude for my many years of Presenting & Event support to the City itself.

I love the City of Birmingham and the people that have worked hard to promote it over the years. I am immensely proud of the recognition I have received. Live audiences and customer interaction are my forte’ & seeing me in action as an MC radiating experience as I stimulate crowds in plaza’s, parks, cities, festivals and exhibition halls too, I am told, is utterly inspiring! As an ex hands on Operations Director for a multi award-winning 2,500 capacity leading entertainment based nightclub, I was able to master crowd participation and live interaction with audiences while on stage as MC. I was formidable for over 10 years in titillating weekly audiences and creating phenomenal events, privileging me with invaluable experience when working live. Sadly, that Nightclub went into receivership and collapsed 5 years after my departure and now has new owners. It is a shadow of its former self!

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They say charity begins at home, I have been most fortunate to date and that has enabled me to enjoy a beautiful life filled with friends, love and happiness. In turn, I have always tried to assist others and needy causes too. Therefore, through the businesses I have worked within, owned and personally strived for I have been able to raise over £250,000 for an array of charities that have included: Cancer Research, The Teenage Cancer Trust, NSPCC, Pride, Stonewall, DEBRA, Switchboard, Jane Munroe, HIV supporting and awareness charities, Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief too! I shall continue to use my energy, passion and position to assist everywhere that I can in making lives more bearable for all.

As you may have noticed, I like to talk. If you would like to talk more then please drop me an e-mail via the contact page and destiny shall put us together…