I am an all round versatile presenter with experience within various fields of business and entertainment. Being an entrepreneur and businessman, I have many years of proven experience within leisure and hospitality fields and have built on my reputation as being knowledgeable, hands-on and incredibly useful when required to radiate the right message. I am admired and respected for my ability to deliver on every occasion using my own unique style of fun, creativity, warmth, energy and passion.

TV, Radio, Stage, Corporate and Private Event Presentations are my forte’ and my efficient ability to grasp any occasion and deliver it with an understanding and overall professional approach is something to be experienced. I love live events and they seem to love me too! Adapting and working with scripts, schedules, producers, communication equipment and props radiate adaptability, making me a number one choice on many occasions.

I was gifted with amazing sales and training insight from an early age that has helped in radiating my skills further when communicating the right message. It has been said that I am easy to work with and am noted for my warm smile and passion to achieve. I offer an all round ability to represent independent smaller businesses and events, ascending to major city and commercial events, charities or brand promotion. Please contact me should you wish to discuss your project, or simply require further details, as I will be happy interact.